What Am I Up To?


Two years ago I wrote and produced the feature film Chariot starring Anthony Montgomery, Brina Palencia, and Ian Sinclair. Here’s what it’s about:

Seven strangers wake aboard a passenger jet in mid-flight, with no idea how they got there - and no idea where they are headed. Cut off from the cockpit and with a dying smartphone as their sole source of information, they learn that the United States is under a devastating attack, and they might be the only survivors.

To learn more about the film check out the website here: www.chariotmovie.com


Here is a recently aired Dallas Stars spot:


82-GAMES-TEASE-mix from Mike Cravens on Vimeo.

Jesus Loves Eric!

Eric and Jesus


Eric has a few new roles in some killer anime you might just be chomping at the bit to see! Check back here soon when I get the word to make the official announcement!


South Texas Comic Con

Appearing all 3 days, April 28-30!



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