Welcome, Cool Cats

This is the official website of Eric Vale.

If you’re here, I bet it’s not by accident. You probably know Eric from his voice over work. Or maybe you’ve worked with him in the film industry. Or maybe you’ve enjoyed talking to him on the street. Perhaps he stared at you for a long time and made you very uncomfortable while you were simply trying to have coffee with your friends.EricDrinkThat

What’s his deal? No one knows.

But this web page is a good starting point to try and figure it all out.

Above you’ll see all the buttons you’ll need to push to answer all those questions about Eric that you’ve got swimming around in your head.

So go ahead. Push his button. Why not push them all? Because he’s gonna push yours.


Jesus Loves Eric!

Eric and Jesus


Eric has a few new roles in some killer anime you might just be chomping at the bit to see! Check back here soon when I get the word to make the official announcement!


South Texas Comic Con

Appearing all 3 days, April 28-30!



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